Saturday, April 11, 2009

Article Marketing Tips

Article Marketing tips can go a long way to help you in your online business promotion if you actually utilize them. Article Marketing, as you may or may not know, can be completely free. This of course excludes the time you have invested, and assumes that you are capable of writing fairly well. Some other routes you have to build useful content in the form of articles for submission to article directories includes:

Paying someone to write your articles. If you're on a tight marketing budget this may not be an options but you don't have to look very far to find people or firms that will write quality articles that are fairly in-expensive. Some attractive rates for article writing I've heard are as low as $1 per 100 words. This particular firm: , has also had some positive reviews of their service. I haven't used these guys yet but I do plan on it, this seems like a great value (as long as the quality is there).

Another method of getting inexpensive articles for article marketing could be the use of Amazon's Mturk. You have to simply start an account and fill out a form asking for what you want. I've heard several great comments about using this method for getting article written.

PLR articles are another free or inexpensive method of getting articles for marketing your blogs or websites. Although you will want to rewrite these before you submit them. You don't want to waste your time by simply submitting a without modifying and making these articles your own "creation".

Writing articles is inexpensive and is a great way to get to your target market. One of the keys I've found in my short time as a article marketer is that the more you write the easier it gets and the easier it gets the more likely you are to write more, so just start writing, it doesn't have to be perfect and rest assured your quality will improve. Not to mention you likely have other article marketers or Internet marketers who would be happy to review your articles.

For now that it for my article marketing tips.

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  1. I have used 99cent articles before but will not use them again.
    It took 6 re-writes to get 60 articles that were reasonable (I still had to re-write)
    You need to pay at least $10 - $15 to rget good quality articles.